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Mutual pleasure, Ink pen on Paper, 180x150 cm, 2012

Return to the nature, Ink pen on paper, 150x200 cm, 2012

Virginity, Ink pen on paper, 150x170 cm, 2012

Diviner, Ink pen on paper, 150x166 cm, 2012

Holy water, Ink pen on paper, 150x150 cm, 2012

Me, Ink pen on paper, 146x118 cm, 2012

Carry me away, Ink pen on paper, 180x150 cm, 2012

 Portrait (1), Ink pen on paper, 100x100 cm, 2012

Portrait (2), Ink pen on paper, 100x100 cm, 2012

 Maryam, Ink pen on paper, 180x150 cm, 2012

In my research, I experienced visually some human relationships as those between man and woman, love and hate, sex, repression and the primitive knowledge of things. The development of societies and the impact of the intellectual and moral to reach the wellbeing took my first interest, where I propose the concept of “catharsis” as a process of releasing to provide relief from, strong or repressed emotions and to retrieve the inner purity. In my work, I represent this concept as a scene where sometimes, the characters appear sick and lonely.

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