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Capital City

video installation, Screen installed inside box, 2010
Run time 1.55 min loop

We move in several directions en attempt to discover it, however the congestion and chaos do not leave it such as our confused thoughts, when we try to discover it more we find the chaos and crowds increased more till we don`t aware what exactly we are looking for, we get lost and dispersant in these distortions originated by development who starts from the capital and end to it to turn it in the moment of culmination to gelatinous mass where we lose our attitudes.

Then, this gelatinous mass starts to dissipate to let the night came and the noise stops; we see the road clearly as it`s one car roaming in the entire city until the morning waiting for a new round of play, chaos and madness.

projects       VR       installation       performance       drawings       prints       videos       paintings       Site Specific

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