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The city’s womb

installation, photographs with mixed media and light, a storage, 2016

The city for human being is looking like the mother`s womb who hold us and gives us the life. Why we decide that this city is the best in the world What make it so special than any other place Our choice for our city is not understandable, it is not a blood relation but a life relation full of experiences who build our personality, each moment we spent on it, hanging around, we will increase our knowledge and respect it more, exactly like our love to our mother, it will increase day after day.
Though, we don`t discover our concern until we will leave it, then the retained sights in our memories will be more sacred as an icons with melted candle has remains of light who represents few moments we spent in it lie down now in our storage.

projects       VR       installation       performance       drawings       prints       videos       paintings       Site Specific

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