Neither Human, NorStone

Video duration: 03.25 min, 2014

In the recent times, during my walk on the street of Damascus, I see repeated scenes of people falling down, people of different ages and from different social levels, elderly or young, woman or man, walking alone or with their families. They all share the same scene of fall down for different reasons andm different way but conduct the same meaning.
I look to their tired faces and I don´t see the feelings of shame or discomfort. after their tumble down.They are indifferent to their weakness, full of sadness and anger, they share the same feelings of the pedestrians who just look to the fallen and continue their oppressed, exhausted walk. Does everyone believe that falling down is the regular scene in our city where human and stone collapse.


Video duration: 00.58 min, 2010

do we need CAPTCHA (Completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart) in our life to communicate with each others and to improve that we are not robots ?


Video duration: 01.48 min, 2009

A part of all, lives as the whole to show how many is small measured
with all of the whole approaching to the space, living in the time
without any ability.
A part of all related in the place till dissolve.


Video duration: 02.21 min, 2008

Everyone between us has his own map, started by conventional images and lines to be more complex because of the progress in our complex life, where the maps are taking figures too, then they are going to be more complicated and intensive to lose their obvious images In this moment, we could see the figures remainder in our spirit with the whole of this complication.


Video duration: 00.45 min, 2005


Video duration: 01.35 min, 2005


Video duration: 00.14 min, 2005

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